Jean Carlos Lopez


Vocal Coach, Vocal Teacher, Musical Theatre Director

Jean Carlos is new to our studio and we are excited to have such a talented instructor with so much experience in theatre arts.  From 2007 to 2009 he studied abroad at the University of Kent, Canterbury, England and is a recent graduate of University of California, Riverside.  A list of Jean Carlos’ many accomplishments include the following:

Performance Experience:

2005 Peter Pan (Lead Dance Group) USA
2006 Wonderland the Musical (White/Red King/Varied Parts) USA
2007 Fantasies Come True Showcase (Lead Male Vocalist) UK
2008 The Classics Showcase (Lead Male Vocalist) UK
2008 Disney Musical Spectacular (Lead Male Vocalist) UK
2009 RENT the Musical (Benny/Assistant Director) UK
2009 The Director’s Cut (Lead Male Vocalist) UK
2010 2 Golden Means Troop Musical Reviews (Lead Vocalist/Director) USA

2004 Grease (Supporting Role/Co-lead- Sonny) USA
2006 Beauty and the Beast (Supporting Role: Monsieur D’Arque) USA
2008 Sketches and Songs (Varied Parts/Director- Gulbenkian Theatre) UK 

2006 High School Musical, Baldwin Park High School (Co-Director) USA
2006 Wonderland the Musical (Co-Director) USA
2007-2009 Musical Theatre Troop 10 Varied Showcases  (Director) UK
2007-2010 Vocal Teacher for Musical Theatre Troop UK
2008 Sketches and Songs Gulbenkian Theatre Showcase (Director) UK
2009 RENT The Musical (Assistant Director/Benny) UK
2009 Jekyll and Hyde the Musical (Director/Choreographer/Conductor/Vocal Coach) UK
2009 Ultimate Superstar (Musical Director/Co-Choreographer/Assist Director) US
2009-2010 Vocal Teacher/Instructor Golden Means Musical Group
2010-Present Bella Music Studios Vocal Coach, Vocal Teacher, Musical Theatre Director

Choral/Ensemble Singing:
2005-2007, 2009-2010 Chamber Choir (University of California, Riverside)
2007-2009 University of Kent Cathedral Chorus UK
2007-2009 University of Kent Musical Theatre Troop (Founder) UK

His various skills are: Vocal Teacher/Coach, Bass/Baritone (Range Low C to Comfortable F/G Above Middle C), Falsetto, Marimba/Xylophone Instructor and Player, Sight Reading, Directing, Choreographer, Mexican Forklorico Dancing, Protest Chant Leader, Orchestral Conducting.

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