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April Lindsey

Voice Coach/Instructor, Choir Consultant & Piano Instructor

April Lindsey is a Graduate of Azusa Pacific University’s School of Music. She has been training singers and teaching piano for over 13 years at Bella Music Studios in Covina, Burbank and is expanding to group classes and conferencing sessions via Skype all over the country. Her main instruments are Voice and Piano. April has consistently trained many vocalists of all ages over the years to reach their goals in singing in multiple areas: Pop, Rock, Gospel, Jazz, Musical Theater, Classical and more! From beginning to professional level students learn solid technique, performance and audition skills and continue to advance in the art of singing/Vocalizing. She has even begun working with speakers and using her techniques to help public speakers improve their voices for better quality and to not lose the voice from over usage.

April offers private voice and group classes. The added performance classes for private students is a special feature she created to give private students a chance to learn proper mic technique and performance practice in front of a small audience. This has helped move singers forward at a faster pace to the desired level of singing/performing.

April has worked with professional singers in Theater, recording artists from various styles and coaches students in showchoirs to name a few. Her focus is to build strong singers! She specializes in audition and performance skills. She trains singers to have confidence, power and control when they perform. Her unique approach to voice training is motivating and inspiring and has led to her newly created voice training system she calls the, “Let The Voice Out Voice Training System”. Testimonials from students and her Annual Showcase of Talent are proof that her technique is making real progress for singers.

April started singing at a young age in her church choir and sang her first solo by the age of 9. She continued throughout high school, participating with show groups, theater productions and choirs. In college she sang and traveled with the APU University Choir, performed in many musicals, directed choirs and orchestras, and is currently a recording artist herself. April has extensive experience to draw from as a voice teacher/coach, singer, director and choir consultant.

April believes everyone can sing and she has successfully proven it many times over through the hundreds of singers she has trained over the years. It is her joy and passion to see singers progress to their fullest potential.

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